System Equipment a handling maker

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Origin Electric Co., Ltd.

  1. Capacitor Resistance Welder
  2. BD-ROM Manufacturing Equipment
  3. BD-ROM/BD-R・RE Manufacturing Equipment
  4. Overcoating Appricator
  5. Nanoimprint Equipment
  6. various System Equipment
  7. various DC Power-supply Equipment
  8. Uninterruptible Power-supply Equipment
  9. DC Hight-voltage supply Equipment

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Emerson Japan, Ltd.

  1. Pressure Transmitter
  2. Flowmeters
  3. Analyzer

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  1. High-Frequency Equipments
  2. High-Frequency Werder
  3. High-Frequency Induction Heating Equipments
  4. High-Frequency Drying Ultrasonic Werder
  5. High-Frequency Power Sources for Plasma Generation
  6. Plasma Application Devices
  7. Vacuum Molding Equipments
  8. Hot-board Welding Equipments
  9. Trimming Equipments

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Ohkura Electric Co., Ltd.

  1. Various Industrial Instruments
  2. Hybrid Recorder

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  1. X-ray Inspection Apparatus

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Kitafuji Origin Co., Ltd.

  1. Transformer
  2. PC board
  3. Plasma Lamp
  4. various Assembling and Manufacturing

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BERG Co., Ltd.

  1. Contactless Printer
  2. Electrostatic Screen Printer
  3. Electrostatic Screen Powder-Sprinkle Equipment
  4. Rotary Printer

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Toho Denshi Co.,Ltd

  1. Electronic Measuring Apparatus
  2. Desing and Production of Power-supply Equipments

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