Synthetic Resin Paints,etc a handling maker

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Origin Electric Co., Ltd.

  1. Paint for Plastics
  2. Environment-conscious Paint
  3. Water-borne Paint for Plastics
  4. Paint for nonferrous metal
  5. UV Hardened Paint
  6. Sensuous Feel Paints
  7. lnfra-red Rays Reflective Paint

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Nippon Plastic Industry Co., Ltd

  1. PS Sheet
  2. PS Permanent Antistatic Sheet
  3. PS Conductive Sheet

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  1. Fine particle spherical silica
  2. Fine particle spherical alumina

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VIGteQnos Co., Ltd.

  1. Adhesives for screen printing
  2. Thermally-Conductive Tapes

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Nippon Graphite industries, ltd.

  1. Conductive paints
  2. Graphite for Paint
  3. Graphite for Battery
  4. Graphite for Electric Brush

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