Electronic Components

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Our prompt service ability is directly connected with customers' energy-savings needs and their raising of product development efficiency. This is the essence of our service, which we are proud of. The Electronics field is becoming more and more high level and development to integrated equipment, applocations, and numerous hybrid products.
Catching these timely trends quickly and sensitively, we have established a system of supplying rich variations, from various types of devices to miniaturized units and SMT products which accompany the progress of high densification. 

Machinery Components

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The machinery components we provide are very useful in our lives, and they are used in the manufacture of various types of precision machines which support the high-level information era.
Our business fields include a great variety of products: OA machinery, office equipment,information equipment, ATM of financial institution, FA industrial machinery, electric household appliances, residential facilities, vending machines, medical equipment and so on.
Recently, assembly products such as precision device units for OA machinery, toilet equipment,and damper bearings for storage furniture are meeting customers' wide demands, and they are making remarkable progress. We will supply products which are more efficient and useful at the best times, and will support the creation of a rich and comfortable society.

System Equipment

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We deal with various types of power supplies, electric welders, and industrial gauges, mainly the products of Origin Electric, the leading company of the industry. We provide a wide variety of customized products from small size to extra large size. We respond to customers' trust and confidence through our integrated service and scrupulous system with our excellent command of technology information concerning high-tech fields.

Synthetic Resin Paints,etc

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The variety of synthetic resin-based paints is extremely wide. These paints are used for electric household appliances, automobiles, electric components, and interior and exterior of buildings.
We have a large assortment of products such as durable paints and sensuous feel paints which possess high definition and high value. We also handle environmentally friendly ecological products (water-based paint).

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