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1 Privacy Policy

Origin Electric Shoji Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred as Origin Electric Shoji) recognizes that personal information protection is the most important and appropriate safety control is the social liability as a company handling personal informations.
Origin Electric Shoji handles personal informations in order to fulfill the responsibility based on this privacy policy.

2 Utilization Purpose

Origin Electric Shoji would disclose our utilization purpose in advance except in obvious case when Origin Electric Shoji get personal informations for pursuance of business adequately.
And the personal informations gathered by Origin Electric Shoji is used only for the utilization purpose.

3 Info-service to the third party

Origin Electric Shoji never disclose your personal informations to the third party with the exception of below. In the case that-
 (1) the personal who supplied his information agrees.
 (2) Origin Electric Shoji entrusts personal information handling to the subcontracting company making nondisclosure agreement of personal informations in the range of necessity for achievement of the utilization purpose.
 (3) the personal information is converted into unrecognizable such as statistical data.
 (4) Origin Electric Shoji is required to disclose them based on law.

4 Safety-Management of Personal Informations

Origin Electric Shoji shall store and manage personal informations closely, and take adequate actions not to divulge personal informations.

5 Query, Correction, and Deletion of Personal Informations

If personal requires query, correction, and delection of his personal infomations, Origin Electric Shoji responds to it in rational range.

6 Inquiries

Please contact to below regarding the Privacy Policy.

Origin Electric Shoji Co.,Ltd.
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TEL +81-6-6341-6371 FAX +81-6-6341-6370

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