Quality Policy

We, Origin Electric Shoji Co., Ltd., try to figure out the customers' needs and societies' needs, comply our rules, and work toward greater custmer satisfaction through inproving the effectiveness of the quality management system continuously.

Environnment Policy

We, all of employee, work toward social activity thinking great a deal of keep the global environment and accordance with neighborhood based on our slogan "Use the limited resource effectively, Make an effort at recycle and resource and energy saving, and Establish futural happiness for peaple at business activity as the specialized trading company saling industrial electric equipments, electronic devices and machinery components.
  1. We comply acts relating to the environment and regional acts, contribute to society through accordance with neighborhood and saving global environment activity.
  2. We make the environmental purpose and goal, eco-audit regularly, and improve continuously
  3. We confirm that resouces are limited and make an effort to reuse, decrease the disposal, and save energy.
  4. We carry out thorough the antipollution not to make trouble to community at the time of not only normal but also emergency.
  5. We perform the educational activities by employee training and try to rase of environmental awareness.
  6. We spread this Environment Policy by written among all of emploee, and disclose to relevant parties if they require.

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