Company Spirit

Sincerity  Comradeship  Service

Company Principles for Manegement

  1. We make the best effort to offer sincere services so as to obtain customers' satisfaction and reliability
  2. Through work and business, we try to develop our abilities and improve our life and welfare, aiming for company's progress and our well-being
  3. Realizing the mission of the company, we all participate in the management valuing welfare and services, and with the good results, we widelly contribute to the society

Fundamental Management Policies

Our goal is to seek happiness for each member and progress of the company. In order to realize the goal, our management principles are specified as below
  1. We devote ourselves wholly to produce excellent results and improve our abilities.
    Our goal can be realized by good results and the abilities of each sales person who are well trained and enlightened. It is necessary for us to cultivate our capabilities
  2. We devote ourselves wholly to the select-few principle
    Our goal is achieved only by the people who are trained and proficient but average people.
    In order to obtain high quality welfare and higher wages, the number of workers must be few
  3. We devote ourselves wholly to planning-based principle.
    Our goal is achieved by the reiteration of planning, action, review, and investigation.
    What counts the most is our enthusiasm for the tasks and specific plans for them
  4. We devote ourselves wholly to technology-centered principle
    Our goal cannot be realized without improvement of technology in every aspect.
    For the technology, the three elements (labor, material, and money) of a company are inevitable

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