Establishment May 1st,1950
President Hitoshi Nakamoto
Paid-in Capital 45,000,000 yen
Business Outline ・Sale and repair of products of Origin Electric Co.,Ltd.
・Sale and repair of electric equipment and general machinery.
・Sale and processing of steel material and products with synthetic resin-based paint.
・Installation of machinery equipment, planning, and execution of electric wiring construction


1939 Feb Established as Osaka office of Fuji Denro Industry Co.,Ltd. ( previous organization of Origin Electric Co.,Ltd.) by Masao Yamaguchi in Fukushimaku, Osaka.
Started sales of Lightbas electric furnaces, Orion circulatory type furnaces, and Soren rectifiers.
1950 May Established Fuji Denro Shoji Co.,Ltd. with paid-in capital of 300,000 yen, and assumed all the work of Osaka branch office
1953 Mar Changed the name of the company to Origin Electric Shoji
1961 Feb ncreased capital stock to 2,000,000 yen.
Transferred the head office to Umeda, Kitaku, Osaka.
Established service station at the original place of the former head office
1968 Apr Established Tokyo Office in Nishiwaseda, Shinjukuku, Tokyo
1970 May Established Hiroshima branch office in Tokaichicho, Hiroshima
1979 Oct President Masao Yamaguchi inaugurated as the Board Chairman.
Started new structure under President Taizo Yatsu.
1983 Sep Transferred Hiroshima branch office to Higashikojincho, Minamiku.
1985 Aug Changed Hiroshima subbranch to Hiroshima office
Oct Established Kyoto office in Shimogyouku, Kyoto.
1986 Nov President Taizo Yatsu inaugurated as the Senior Advisory Director.
Started new structure under President Masanori Yamaguchi
1988 Apr Transferred and reconstructed Kyoto office in Minamiku, Kyoto city
1989 Feb Held ceremony for the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the company.
Apr Established Kobe office in Honmachi, Akashi.
Sep Established distribution center at the original place of the company
1992 Jan Transferred Tokyo office to 3-chome, Nishiwaseda, Shinjukuku, Tokyo
1993 Apr Increased capital stock to 30,000,000 yen
1994 Oct Established Hanshin work station in Kuise, Amagasaki
Transferred distribution center to Hanshin work station
Transferred distribution center to Hanshin work station
1996 Aug Established Hong Kong Branch in Shan Mei Street, Fo Tan, shatin, N.T. Hong Kong
1997 Oct Closed Kobe office and set up a sales headquarters
Reorganized offices according to electronics and mechatronics projects
1999 Jun Established local corporation in Singapore.
2000 Sep Acknowledged ISO9002&ISO14001
2001 Jan Established Osaka East Work Station(New Distribution Center) in Daito-city.
Apr Increased capital stock to 45,000,000 yen.
2002 May Established Shanghai Office in Yan An Dong Lu, Shanghai City, China
Aug Acknowledged ISO9001(2000 version
Sep Established Origin Shoji Hong Kong Co Ltd.(Previous Hong Kong Branch)
Nov Established Origin Moving Co Ltd.(Previous Distribution Center
2003 Oct Integrated Kyoto office and Hanshin work station.
Established Origin Shoji (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. SHENZHEN Branch
2006 Oct Changed Tokyo office to Tokyo branch.
2007 May Established Origin Shoji (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
2008 Dec President Masanori Yamaguchi inaugurated as the Chairman. 
Started new structure under President Hitoshi Nakamoto.
Oct Restarted operation Kyoto office.
2015 May Our headoffice relocated to Hanshin Office in Hyogo.

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